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What the GE Engine Deal Means for India’s Military Diversification Balochistan Is Stabilizing Despite Challenges US Aircraft Carrier Arrives in Vietnam For Six-Day Friendship Visit The Emerging Contours of Saudi-Emirati Competition in Southeast Asia The Taliban’s Unsustainable War on Drugs Cambodian Microfinance’s High Repayment Rates Are Built on Misery, Research Finds Military-Aligned Border Guard Forces Defect in Southeastern Myanmar Ali Wyne on China-US Relations After the Blinken Visit China’s Foreign PR Enablers Thousands of North Koreans March in Anti-US Rallies as Country Marks Korean War Anniversary 17 Opposition Parties Come Together to Take on Indian PM Modi China’s FDI In Europe India’s Strategic Imperative: Internal Military Balancing Against China Malaysia Sues Meta Over ‘Undesirable’ Content on Facebook What Should the US Do About China’s Spy Facility in Cuba? Heat and Debt: Climate Change and Poverty in Rural South Asia Taliban Chief Claims Women Have a ‘Comfortable and Prosperous Life’ in Afghanistan Cambodia Amends Election Law, Disqualifying Non-Voting Candidates Cracks Are Appearing in Thailand’s Pro-Democracy Coalition Russia Says China Backs Its Efforts to Stabilize the Country After Mercenary Rebellion Heyzer’s Exit Marks a Low Point for the UN’s Envoys to Myanmar Bollywood’s Role in Hindutva’s 2024 Election Strategy Suspected Russian Diplomat Is Occupying Proposed Embassy Site Vetoed by Australia India’s G20 Presidency: Giving Voice to the Global South What Do Taiwanese Think About Expanding Conscription? Kazakhstan and Germany: Dissecting President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s Visit This Week in Asia: June 23, 2023 Instead of a Cell, a Muzzle: How Kazakhstan Stifles Critics and Avoids Criticism Kazakhstan Is Vulnerable to Secondary Sanctions Germany Prods China on Ukraine War As Leaders Pledge To Work Together on Climate Snares and Traps: Thai Politics After the May Election The Weakest Link: Securing Critical Undersea Infrastructure in ASEAN Modi Tests Bipartisan Support in Washington for India-US Ties US Aircraft Carrier to Visit Vietnam Amid South China Sea Tensions Malaysia Charges Four Men Over Mass Graves and Trafficking Camps Barangay Elections in the Bangsamoro: A Crucial Test for the Future of the BARMM Suitcase Killer’s Plea Deal Is Rare Shot of Double Justice Philippine Senate Probes Afghan Refugee Deal Will China’s Private Security Companies Follow the Wagner Group’s Footsteps in Africa? Child Sex Abuse Victim Gets a Landmark Win in Chinese Court One Year After a Landmark Green Finance Policy, Can Chinese Banks Go Green? Who Is Responsible for the Fires in Kazakhstan? Ex-Sri Lanka President Ordered Police Records Destroyed to Stall Mass Grave Probes, Report Alleges US Coast Guard Ship Sailed Through Taiwan Strait a Day After Blinken’s China Visit Can China Tip the Scales in the Palestine-Israel Peace Process? Pakistan: Escaping the Sovereign Debt Trap What Did Studying in China Teach Kyrgyz Students About Civic Engagement at Home? India-US Space Cooperation Takes Off Modi’s State Visit to the US is Shadowed by Human Rights Concerns Devotion of Fans Lets South Asian Cricketers Get Away With Crimes US Announces Sanctions on Myanmar State Banks, Defense Ministry In Post-Repeal Singapore, LGBTQ Activists Work to Expand Family Structures Indonesia Shifts ASEAN Military Drills Out of Disputed Waters China Considers Countermeasures to US HIMARS Missile System Will Modi’s US Visit Provide a Cooling Solution to a Warming Planet? Hong Kong Pollster Plans to Limit Questions on Sensitive Topics Will Blinken’s Trip to China Have a Lasting Impact? Pakistan’s Long History of Throttling Press Freedom Study: Himalayan Glaciers Could Lose 80% of Their Volume if Global Warming Isn’t Controlled Will a Legal Case in Argentina Bring Justice for the Rohingya? Bringing the India-US Partnership to Third Countries The Philippines Is Leveraging Its Strategic Value to Become an Indo-Pacific Power INSTC: Pipeline Dream or a Counterweight to Western Sanctions and China’s BRI? The Islamist Threat Bordering Pakistan’s Political Crisis How Last Week’s High-profile Resignation Will Impact the AIIB Thai Activists Sue Government Over Alleged Use of Pegasus Spyware How to Stop the Myanmar Junta’s War on Its People Who Pays and Who Profits From High Energy Prices in Thailand? Where Does Thailand’s Politics Go From Here? US and China Hold Top-Level Talks, But Their Rivalry Remains Unchecked Camilla Pohle on the Risk of the US Under-Delivering in the Pacific Islands Mr. Modi Goes to Washington: Breaking New Ground in the India-US Strategic Partnership The Securitization of Punjab’s Political Economy Crisis The World After a Great Power War Victims of J-pop Talent Agency Speak Out About Sexual Abuse Uzbek Journalists and Bloggers Suffer from Mirziyoyev’s Broken Promises on Freedom of Speech Redeeming Book Culture in Uzbekistan Biden is Feting the Indian PM Despite His Dismal Human Rights Record Myanmar and Russia Sign Energy Deals, Establish Direct Flights After 22 Years, ExxonMobil Finally Settles Indonesian Human Rights Case Thai Election Body Certifies General Election Results End Days for Australia’s Nauru Detention Center? In Malaysia, Religious Controversies Threaten Anwar Ibrahim’s Government Vietnam Arrests More Than 50 Over Central Highlands Attacks Thailand Under Fire For Brokering ‘Informal’ Meeting on Myanmar Dog Fight over the South China Sea? How Vietnam Can Disrupt China’s Dominance in EVs