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What’s in Mongolia’s New Anti-Corruption Strategy? EU-Central Asia Leaders’ Meeting Latest to Highlight Region’s Geopolitical Centrality Hobbled Economic Prospects in Central Asia Brooklyn Lawyers Abuse Asylum System in Advising Clients to Fraudulently Claim LGBTQ Persecution Uzbekistan Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Karakalpakstan Appeals Mongolia’s Constitutional Reform Enlarges Parliament, Advances a Mixed Electoral System Kyrgyz Opposition Leader Madumarov Again Under Pressure Could ‘Chicky Cha-Cha Boom-Boom’ Become Kyrgyzstan’s Soft Power Motto? Kazakhstan Keeps Discussion of Political Repression Firmly in the Past War and Migration: Central Asian Migrant Worker Flows Amid the Ukraine Conflict New Wave Authoritarianism in Kyrgyzstan Anatomy of a Sausage Scandal in Kyrgyzstan From State Repression to a Warzone: How Pamiris Ended up on the Frontline in Ukraine French President Emmanuel Macron Makes a Historic Visit to Mongolia In Xi’an, China’s Xi Calls for a ‘Shared Future’ With Central Asia Lineup Set for Snap Uzbek Presidential Election Will North Korea’s Foreign Minister Visit Mongolia This Year? Turkmen President Pays Visit to Tajikistan Kazakhstan Moves to Curtail Parallel Trade to Russia Central Asian Presidents Join Putin for May 9 Victory Day Parade Kazakhstan’s Ports: A Vital Node of the Middle Corridor Uzbekistan-Russia Energy Relations: A Tale of 2 Problems Upcoming China-Central Asia Summit to Offer a ‘New Blueprint’ for Relations Uzbek President Calls for Snap Elections Will Jehovah’s Witness Shamil Khakimov Be Released From Prison in Tajikistan? Uzbekistan’s President Mirziyoyev Visits Germany A Closer Look at the Growing Chinese Presence in Uzbekistan Report: Kyrgyz, Tajik Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Border Conflict USCIRF Again Highlights Violations of Religious Freedoms in Central Asia As Expected, Uzbek Constitutional Referendum Approved Polish President’s Visit to Mongolia Highlights Ulaanbaatar’s Ukraine Approach Finland and Norway Can Help Solve Mongolia’s Clean Water Issue Kazakhstan’s Druzhba Prospects: Central Asian Oil to Supply Europe? Court Orders RFE/RL’s Radio Azattyk Shut Down in Kyrgyzstan How to Fix Mongolia’s Mining Industry New Charges in Kyrgyzstan’s Kempir-Abad Case China Affirms Ex-Soviet Nations’ Sovereignty After Uproar Karim Massimov, Former Kazakh Intelligence Chief, Sentenced to 18 Years on Treason, Coup Charges The Strategic Logic of Russia’s Embrace of the Taliban What Afghanistan’s Qosh Tepa Canal Means for Central Asia New Ukraine Sanctions Target Business Interests of Russian-Uzbek Billionaire Usmanov Uzbek Militants Escape Detention in Indonesia; 2 Dead Laid-off Oil Workers Detained After Overnight Protest in Astana Explaining Democratic Mongolia’s Strong Ties With Russia and China Court Bars Kazakh Opposition Figure Mamai From Activism, Journalism Old Tricks in a New Uzbekistan: Constitutional Reform and Popular Legitimacy Land Grabs and the Cost of Mining in Mongolia Civil Society Activists Launch Campaign Against ‘Culture of Violence’ in Tashkent Why Investing in Water Storage Matters in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert Online Bride and Prejudice in Uzbek Society Revisiting Uzbekistan’s Progress on Religious Freedom Kazakhstan and Afghanistan Seek to Realign Bilateral Ties Taliban’s Diplomatic Presence Growing in Central Asia Implications of Dalai Lama Identifying New Head of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia Tackling Central Asia’s Remaining Development Challenges Turkmenistan Votes for New, Opposition-free Parliament New Hopes for Old Projects? China Gears Up Rail Efforts With Kazakhstan China’s Grip on Mongolia’s Quest for Spiritual Leadership What Does Xi Jinping’s Third Term Mean for China-Mongolia Relations? Low Turnout and a Victory for Kazakhstan’s Ruling Party in Parliamentary Polls Detangling the Urban Paradox in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, US Seek to Advance Economic Ties Joyful and Angry: A Feminist Demonstration in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Impounds Property of Roscosmos Subsidiary Another Uzbek Killed in Ukraine Kazakhstan’s General Shuffle: Tracing Tokayev’s Military Personnel Changes Unpacking Geopolitical Competition and Energy Security in Central Asia Final Draft of Constitutional Amendments Reportedly Ready in Uzbekistan Central Asians Face Entry Denial at Georgian Border Is Iran Distancing Itself From the Taliban Government? International Women’s Day: Flowers or ‘the Language of Force’ for Women in Central Asia? Ukraine’s Shadow Over Blinken’s Travels Through Central Asia Mongolia and South Korea Emphasize Deeper Economic Ties Neither Exciting nor Boring: Kazakhstan Prepares for Parliamentary Elections Just Passing Through: Kazakhstan’s Parallel Trade Predicament US Secretary of State Blinken Headed to Central Asia Next Week Mongolia, UK Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Uzbekistan’s Transition to a Green Economy: Challenges and Opportunities After Temporary Suspension, What’s Next for the Trans-Afghan Railway? UN Working Group Calls for Release of Uzbek Blogger Sattoriy Former Kyrgyz President Atambayev Released From Jail, Flies to Spain The Winds of Change: The Social and Political Cost of Climate Inaction in Central Asia Kyrgyzstan’s Media Under Pressure Cold Snap and Electricity Shortages Slam Central Asia, Afghanistan