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New Zealand and France: A Shared Ambition for the Indo-Pacific Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Chinese Companies’ Vanishing Acts in Xinjiang Why Southeast Asia Should Consider Legalizing Sex Work There’s No ‘Political Solution’ to Myanmar’s Crisis Defense Posturing Has Crippled Legitimate Dialogue in Singapore Developing Transitional Solutions for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Can the US Forge a New ‘Washington Consensus’? Australia’s Crackdown on Climate Activists South China Sea Tensions Haunted by European Colonialism ASEAN’s Defective Approach to the Crisis in Myanmar Religious Persecution at the Far Edge of India The Complex Reality of Uyghur Forced Labor: Unveiling the Products Implicated The Hiroshima G7 Summit and Nuclear Disarmament US Policy on Myanmar and Taiwan: Shifting Strategies to Counter China’s Influence How a CCP Propaganda Campaign Targeted the Dalai Lama The Political Hazards of Economic Decoupling From China ASEAN Leaders Tackle Human Trafficking at Latest Summit Global Plastics Treaty Will Test Japan’s Clean Image Supporting Timor-Leste’s ASEAN Membership Should Be a Priority for Its Friends Race to Zero in Asia and the Pacific: Our Hopes in the Climate Fight Thai Elections Won’t Restore the Rule of Law Japan Welcomed This Ukrainian Refugee. Here’s What He Had to Say About the Process. Why NATO’s Planned Liaison Office in Japan Is a Bad Idea Manila’s Focus on External Defense Needs Peace in Mindanao Challenges Advancing Gender Equality in Myanmar’s Karenni State UK Foreign Minister’s China Speech Lacks Details on Rights Myanmar’s Military Is No Longer in Effective Control of the Country Myanmar Junta’s Airstrikes: Strike Back Where It Hurts Biden Should Press Philippines’ Marcos on Human Rights Concerns The CCP Messes With Texas (and Florida) G7 Leaders Must Overcome Differences to Ensure Continued Free Cross-Border Data Flow Where Were the Women at the Global Buddhist Summit? Sustainable Health Development in the Post-pandemic Era: Taiwan Can Help Will Tajikistan Meaningfully Engage on Religious Freedom? After the Japan-South Korea Summit, the Ball Is in Washington’s Court For New Zealand, the Benefits of Joining AUKUS Pillar II Outweigh the Costs Race to the Bottom: China and the Self-Defeating Logic of Transactional Diplomacy in the Americas After Chinese Vessels Cut Matsu Internet Cables, Taiwan Seeks to Improve Its Communications Resilience Gender Inclusion in Myanmar’s National Unity Government: Add Women and Stir? Under the Taliban, None of Afghanistan’s Children Can Really Learn The Battle for Democracy: A Look at Thailand and Cambodia’s 2023 Elections Myanmar’s Victims and Survivors Deserve Justice South Korea Should Not Put All Its Deterrence Eggs in One Basket Xu Zhiyong and the Mighty Pen Thailand’s Lese-Majeste Cases Are a Travesty of Justice Don’t Normalize the Taliban’s Despotic Regime Rethinking Public Debt in Asia as Positive Investment in Sustainable Development Does the World Care About Crimes Against Humanity in Asia? Tsai Ing-wen Must Share the Blame for the Deterioration of Cross-Strait Relations Why Fears About Fukushima Water Release Are Overblown Would India Have to Arrest Putin? The 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Dockers’ Strike Ogata Sadako’s Spirit is Desperately Needed to Help Syria’s Earthquake Survivors Ahead of UN Vote, Vanuatu Says: We Must Fight for Climate Justice The War in Ukraine Could Formally End in Mongolia As Survivors of China’s Genocide, We Must Bear Witness Why China’s Xi Jinping Is Visiting Russia India Can Bridge the US-Russia Divide Over Ukraine, If It Chooses Hun Sen’s Cambodian Succession Plan Slides Into Chaos ‘The War Is Still Ongoing’: Pakistan’s Floods Six Months On The Post-Pandemic State of Soft Power in Asia Lessons We Can Learn Today From President Carter’s Legacy on China On International Women’s Day, Don’t Forget Afghanistan’s Women and Girls The Asia-Pacific Is More Important to the US Than the Euro-Atlantic Japan Severely Lags on Reproductive Rights Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance It’s Time to Appoint a US Special Envoy for Semiconductors On Myanmar, the World Needs to Save ASEAN From Itself Reforms and Investment Needed to Power Central Asia’s Clean Energy Future Changing the Game for Wildlife by Striking Out Criminal Kingpins RFE/RL Is the Canary in the Coal Mine for Kyrgyzstan A Tale of Two Women China Should Rethink Its Position on Debt Why Asia – and the World – Must Stand With Ukraine Anti-China Rhetoric Is Off the Charts in Western Media Turning Back the Clock in Indonesia In War-Torn Karenni State, Civilians Bear the Brunt of the Junta’s Attacks South Korea Should be Taking Notes on Ukraine It’s Time for Myanmar’s Neighbors to Sideline the Military Junta Japan Has More to Do to Bolster Its Defense Neutrality and Non-alignment Are the Way Forward For ASEAN Two Ways Indonesia is Helping China Persecute the Uyghurs The Asia-Pacific’s Next Refugee Crisis Is Coming – Ready or Not Hindu Nationalism on Display in India’s G20 Presidency The United States Risks Being Complicit in the Myanmar Junta’s Atrocities Two Years On, Women Remain at the Forefront of Myanmar’s Resistance Movement